Acoustic Insulation

We are specialists in dealing with noisy plant, equipment, pipes, and ducts. We work with our clients to find cost-effective solutions to the noise issues at hand by using a step by step process. 

Using an array of insulation types designed to either absorb or block noise, such as composite vinyl/foam barrier products (think Pyrotek Soundlag or ‘wavebar’), high-density glasswool/rockwool/polyester products, or architectural products. 

Solutions may include:

  • Wrapping FCUs, fans, or equipment in vinyl barrier layer/s
  • Wrapping ducts in vinyl barrier products
  • Lining plant room or shaft walls/ceilings with high-density semi-rigid glasswool with or without perforated metal facings
  • Creating custom sheet metal acoustic enclosures
  • Replacing or installing internal insulation lining into existing ducts, plenums, AHUs. 
  • Wrapping wastewater pipes in vinyl barrier products

Supply and Install Acoustic Insulation:

  • Acoustic pipe insulation
  • Acoustic barriers
  • Internal air handling units/duct insulation

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