On Time Insulation Pty Ltd (‘On Time’) provides a 10 year repair and replace warranty to its customers if an On Time product is faulty or has been incorrectly installed by On Time. This is in addition to the 12 month defect liability period (if applicable).

To access this warranty you must contact On Time the earlier of becoming aware of an issue or within 10 years of the installation, and provide clear and safe access in accordance with the then current safety regulations to allow On Time to assess the claim and if necessary, undertake the repair. This warranty shall only apply if no other product or person has accessed or tampered with the On Time products. If a claim does not fit these parameters then the warranty will not apply. Any determination in relation to a claim under this warranty shall be at On Time’s absolute discretion. This warranty specifically excludes claims relating to consequential damage or anything outside the specific scope detailed in this warranty.