The Anderson Stuart Building is a heritage-listed sandstone building housing medical science facilities for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney. The building has five occupied levels with a sixth level being roof void plant space. The building houses the Sydney Medical School Discipline of Anatomy and Discipline of Physiology. It has been in continuous use for medical research and teaching since its construction in the 1890s. The gothic sandstone building is listed on the NSW Heritage Register as an item of Historical and Aesthetic significance.

Project Details

Client: University of Sydney

Location: Camperdown, NSW

: Pipe Insulation, Sheet Metal

: 2017/18

: HVAC, Pipe, Sheet Metal, Insulation, Installation


Their Needs

During 2017/18, Lend Lease was engaged by the university to upgrade specific components of the building including:

  • Wet anatomy teaching laboratory
  • Dry anatomy teaching laboratory
  • Experimental ophthalmology research laboratory
  • Postgraduate workspace
  • Mortuary exhaust and air conditioning
  • Vesalian theatre renovation
  • Central thermal plant upgrade
  • Communications room

On Time Insulation was engaged by a long time HVAC partner to provide chilled and heating water pipe insulation and cladding running throughout the building. 

Our Solution

Due to the age and heritage nature of the building, it was not originally designed with modern HVAC systems in mind. The pipe and insulation contractors had to work very closely with all parties to gain access through sensitive parts of the building. It was quite awesome to work inside the roof space of the building of such age and beauty!

The central chiller plant is located outside the building. All exterior pipe insulation cladding was installed in 304 stainless steel. The result – a clean, bright finish that will last for many years.

A short section of underground chilled water pipe was also installed. Whilst condensation is not an issue underground, thermal efficiency is. This pipe is still required to be insulated underground with materials required to last the test of time. Polyethylene insulation was installed in-ground and encased in a uPVC cover to ensure a watertight seal. This method was designed by On Time Insulation and approved by Lend Lease and USYD for this application. 

Over the past five years, On Time Insulation has also been involved at USYD on the HVAC upgrade of:

  • The School of Physics building
  • The School of Chemistry Building
  • The Wentworth Building
  • The Education building
  • The Storie Dixon Wing
  • The Seymour Centre
  • The Regiment Building student accommodation
  • School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
  • The new build of The Nanoscience Hub building with Lend Lease