On Time Insulation was approached by an existing client to design, supply, and install a pipe insulation system suitable for underground use. Pre-insulated systems do exist that advertise underground suitability, however, in reality these systems are prohibitively expensive and still involve a level of site installation. Site installation of pre-insulated systems needs to completed by a competent insulation contractor.

Project Details

Client: Cranbrook School

Location: Bellevue Hill, NSW

: Pipe Insulation

Date: 2020/21

:  HVAC, Pipe, Insulation, Installation


Their Needs

Our client required a cost effective solution with quality of design to pass engineering consultant approval. On Time Insulation has experience in design and installation of suitable underground pipe insulation systems and provided a proposal that was subsequently approved. 

Our Solution

The approved system involved slight modification of a system previously approved by Lend Lease at The University of Sydney Anderson Stuart Building. This system provided an insulation R-Value of R2.0, a rigid uPVC protection layer, and an outer watertight flexible uPVC layer.

Working side by side with the plumbing contractor, components were installed outside trench in large sections. These sections were dropped in and joined. Joints and bends were insulated and clad in trench to ensure insulation fully encapsulates the pipe and the PVC layer provides an impenetrable water seal.

Installation is quick and easy, taking no more time than a pre-insulated system as our system incorporated 2 stages of installation, outside and inside of trench.

As with any project, this work is backed by our 10 year warranty. Giving our clients peace of mind they can use On Time, every time.

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really great job. I’m glad that we all work as 1 team and that nothing is ever a problem. The way you always go above and beyond expectations makes working with On Time so easy. I never have any problem at all and will continue to use you on all my projects – Project Manager